The field of expertise and concentration of World Development tackles the growing demand for 3 to 5-star hotels worldwide, developing new ventures or using distressed and poor-managed properties in an efficient manner. World Development benefits from its established business model, seasoned management teams and deep know-how in coping with the unique challenges of every deal correctly.

Management in World Development assumes that it is well positioned on this exclusive market, gaining by the demand gap where its best competitive advantages can be most effectively utilized.

World Development reporting within ‘Our People’ focuses on the following three areas:

  • Culture
  • Talent and Diversity
  • Health and Safety

We strive to make World Development a better place to work and to spend tremendous time and resources that help to bring our community to life through our mission and values.

Our Mission: “We build the room for extraordinary things” – reflects why World Development exists and how our people get energy.

Our Values are our core convictions of how we do business in addition to our purposes. They guide the way we decide and interact as a team. The following are our values:

  • Valid reviews, commitments, and updates are always clear and straightforward.
  • We still find a different way when one road is closed to us. We push ourselves to think differently and find new ways of achieving.
  • We work together and put the interests of our business ahead of our own. We go out of our way to support each other and share knowledge across the business.
  • We keep things straightforward and look to improve our way of working. We face the challenge of being the best we can be.
  • We look forward continually to our future success. In turn, we do this by deliberately taking an interest in our customers.