Access Point Financial, a direct creditor and finance company focused solely on the hospitality sector, has today announced the launch, on the Access ViewPoint blog, of a new online resources called “Navigating Hospitality Finance 2020.” The informative four-part series is meant to assist hotel owners and investors with hospitality interests to design their best financial strategies in the changing market conditions caused by the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) and its direct impact on the hotel industry.

“Within these unprecedented economic conditions, the development of effective short- and long-term financial policies and the constant flow of sometimes conflicted information can be an enormous daily challenge for hoteliers and investors,” said Dilip Petigara, CEO of Access Point Financial. “To help our customers better assess their situation and handle the recovery, we strive to become a responsible partner and to provide appropriate services and tools to ensure their continuous progress.”

The first edition of the four-part series, “Navigating Hospitality Finance 2020,” examines the changes in conditions created by lenders during the crisis. The blog can be viewed here under the heading “How the lending world changed in the advent of COVID-19.” The following editions will take place weekly and will cover “5 strategies for working with your lender during the crisis,” “The silver lining: how to turn financial chaos into opportunities;” and “The reasons why it is now more important than ever to work with a specialist lender”